Sunday, July 31, 2022

Week of July 31: Wandering Path

Deck: Sacred Traveler

First impressions:  I  love the fox looking at the map.  This card tells me that there is magick afoot

Book:  Be present with your journey, you will be taken to exactly where you need to be, 

Guidance:  Enjoy the Journey


I love this card as it talks to the magic and mystery of trusting the journey.  That is hard for me as I am a control freak and I really love to control the journey.  However, that's not the best course of action.  I need to let go of the need to control everything and trust that there will be opportunities placed in my life that are right for me.  I'm really frustrated about school and the fact that at this moment there is no clear path forward, but I am going to continue to show up.  I'm gong to continue to work on my research and I am going to trust.

The other thing I need to accept is that there are definately things in society that I cannot change and I need to let go of trying to change them.  I need to focus on each step that I'm going to take and on listening to the signs that will help guide me.  

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