Sunday, May 1, 2022

Tarot Blog Hop: Beltane 2022 Master List

A blog hop is an excellent opportunity to explore new blogs and learn new things.  The Tarot Blog Hop is a way to learn more about tarot.

The challenge for this group of hoppers was as follows:

Beltane, celebrated on May 1st, is a celebration of fun, frivolity, and lovers.  As the Lovers card is all about choices, this Tarot Blog Hop is about choices you’ve made or need to make in your life.  Your call to action is choose between the following options or make up your own choice for this Sacred Spring Hop:

Develop a spread around the Lovers card

Pull cards and look at the results of choices you’ve made

Pull cards and ask about a choice you need to make

Examine Lovers cards from various decks and what they mean to you

The only requirement for this hop, aside from the normal ones listed below, is that you keep it PG rated.


The Hoppers

Jaye Anne Healing

Jay Cassells

Joy Vernon

Tarot of Change 

Quiet Bonnie

María Luisa Salazar 

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