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Beltane Lovers Blog Hop

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As the Wrangler, my challenge to the group was as follows.

Beltane, celebrated on May 1st, is a celebration of fun, frivolity, and lovers.  As the Lovers card is all about choices, this Tarot Blog Hop is about choices you’ve made or need to make in your life.  Your call to action is choose between the following options or make up your own choice for this Sacred Spring Hop:

Develop a spread around the Lovers card

Pull cards and look at the results of choices you’ve made

Pull cards and ask about a choice you need to make

Examine Lovers cards from various decks and what they mean to you

The only requirement for this hop, aside from the normal ones listed below, is that you keep it PG rated.


I chose to use the Sacred Rose cards for this hop and as I was developing my spread, I turned to the guidance in the book Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose for the Lovers Card.  The guidance says, "The Lovers represents that part of us all which must decide between the things we desire that would make us content and the things that are rightly ours."  The book went on to say, "The choice of which direction to take is now yours.  Your will is your own, do not allow others to make decisions for you.  Growth can be your reward if you make the correct choice."

I chose to ask about my job situation because I am in a job that pays me very well, but that bores me.  I would rather work in a job that feeds my soul, but I don't think I can find a job that feeds my soul that pays me enough.

For me, choices usually come down to what my heart wants and my head wants, so I designed a spread that asked about what my heart wants and what my head wants.  The last card provides guidance.  I played with various questions to see if I could get to six questions to match the number of the Lovers card.  However, as I thought about that, I realized that even though the Lovers is number 6, it is the seventh card in the deck as the Fool is 0.

What does my heart want? (King of Wands)

My heart wants the fiery King of Wands, which tells me I want to follow my passion.  I want to shine a light in the ugly corners of the world and be a helper.  The book reading for this card is all about doing good, being passionate, helping set right the wrongs of the world.  The book also says that the King can be hasty in his decisions, but is always ready to put right any wrongs he may have done.

What is interesting for me is that I pulled a King card in this position as the Kings are also about authority and leading and not about actually doing the work.  In a lot of ways this is true as my passion is research and digging through the data to get to the story.  This could be viewed as being a leader and as laying out the path for others to follow.  I'm also interested in teaching, so this could also fall into the King of Wands space.

Positives of what my heart wants? (Five of Pentacles)

The Five of Pentacles is an interesting card to pull here as the traditional meaning of this card is being left out in the cold and in some decks is about financial ruin and tragedy.  However, I generally read it is about being willing to ask for help and no longer being isolated.  The reading from the book is also interesting as it says, "This card shows both poverty and the possibility of wealth and indicates one who learns through the failures of the past."  It also says, "One who sees the error of their ways and can begin anew."

This is a very deep reading in this position because it is telling me their are positives in following my heart as I can't do it alone and I will need to ask for help, which is also hard for me."  In terms of learning from the mistakes of the past, I'm not good at asking for help and have assumed I could do things on my own.  My gut is also telling me that I need to let go of preconceptions about what a job helping others would pay and also let go of my need to make so much money.

All in all, this is a hard card in this position.  There will definately be positives, but they will come through learning and sacrifice.

Negatives of what my heart wants? (Eight of Cups)

This card is telling me that I will be taking myself with me and that I cannot escape my own tendencies to be unsatisfied.  This card is also telling me that even if I get the job I want, it may not satisfy me in the ways I think it will.  The book says, "The old way will be discarded in order that the new may be born."  

Intuitively, this card is being real with me and telling me that I could sacrifice everything I have to go down a new path and it may not be worth it.  I could end up just as unhappy as I am now and without some of the benefits I have now in my life.

What does my head want? (Four of Wands)

My head wants to stop having to work so hard and to be able to celebrate what I have.  It wants to take a pause and appreciate what I've accomplished.  The aspects of ritual, family, and celebration that are here are also important to me perfectly because I have to admit I love shows that have a "work family" where people genuinely like each other and want what is best for each other.  I've never truly had that as most work environments I've been in have been corporate where people are out for each other.

When i look at this card, the words that come to me are a "structure that supports joy."  That's an interesting phrase and for me that mean
s that the organization has to be one that allows for fun and joy and is not all about profit.  This makes a lot of sense as most corporate organizations are all about the money and all about moving forward.  There doesn't seem to be room in them for the people that make things happen.  People are just a resource.

Positives of what my head wants? (Page of Pentacles)
On the surface, the positives are the pentacle (money) and a sense of achievement.  However, what is interesting is that the reading for this card is about study, scholarship, and reflection.  It is about new ideas and learning.  The book says, "It indicates a hard worker, who applies himself to a task and its hardships in order that he may create anew from the lessons or teachings of their research."

This is another interesting card that I'm not 100 percent sure how to read.  When I close my eyes and reflect, the meaning I get is to treasure what I have earned through my life.  I should not be so quick to discard the physical realm.  I am a hard worker and that's not a bad thing.  I have learned a lot from the life I've lived and maybe there is a way to take those learnings and the money I've made into the future.

Negatives of what my head wants? (Ten of Swords)

Wow!  This card is telling me to be aware of backstabbing and people who pretend to be my friend, but are out for what I have.  This card is also about grief and sorrow about wrong decisions and about looking back on past dreams that haven't materialized.  I think this card is telling me that those wonderful work families that I see on TV don't really exist.  Work is work and I need to take off my rose colored glasses and see it for what it is.

As I look at this card, the phrase that keeps going through my head is "death by a thousand cuts."  This is interesting because I think that defines my relationship with my current job.  There is not one thing that is horrendous enough to kill me or make me walk out, but it is 1000 little microaggressions that grind you down.  

Guidance (Ten of Cups)

The guidance I'm getting is to choose happiness.  This is a card that tells me that health, wealth, and happiness are mine, if I choose to have them.  What I am learning is that life is a series of choices and that I can choose the circumstances that will best enable me to have happiness.  However, even if I choose the right circumstances, I still need to choose happiness.  I need to choose to let go of the microaggressions, I need to choose to realize those are about the aggressor and not me.  I need to choose to let go of the people in my life who are not there for me and who don't provide the support I need.  

Once I choose happiness, the divinatory meaning of this card can come true which is "Happiness at home and work.  Pleasure and contentment in all environments.  A good family life, with both a love for and a love of others bring esteem, joy, and contentment."


Wow!  This was one of those deep readings that had a lot of depth and width.  And in the end, as the lovers card indicates, it all comes down to choice.  A choice to be happy.

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  1. Love the deck, it has a very classical feel to it. Really enjoyed the depth of your post, thank you for wrangling this one :-)

  2. What a beautiful spread and explanation. I love how you broke it down so simply.

  3. This is great as always, Raine! I love your deep work that you generously share with us. It's a very useful spread. Thank you for guiding us with this interesting topic!


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