Sunday, April 3, 2022

Week of April 3 Oracle: Uncovering Treasure

Deck:  Sacred Traveler Oracle

First Impressions:  Friendly dragon, guarding treasure, seeing the light, working for what you want

Book:  Look beneath the surface in your life for treasure.  Know that you are worthy

Guidance:  Beneath the surface lies great bounty

Major Events this Week:  This should be a fairly light week 


As I reflect on this card, I realize it is about recognizing the bounty that I already have and about knowing that the dragons in our lives are there to teach us and protect us.  It also makes me think about inviting Mara to tea.  Sometimes the situations and people that seem the most negative and the most harmful are actually the greatest teachers.  This is asking me to reflect on my current situation at work and what am I here to learn.  There are some really good teachers at The Bird.  My current boss annoys me sometimes, but one of his real strengths is nurturing people and helping them find their strengths.  I see how he lets people find their strengths and lets them fail.  Letting people fail is hard for me as I want to rush in and save them, but I also know that I have learned the most from my failures.

I also know that I used to be a lot like M and seeing what a pain in the ass she is makes me wonder how anyone ever put up with me.  

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