Sunday, March 20, 2022

March 20: Desert Passage

Deck:  Sacred Traveler Oracle

First Impressions:  Leaving behind the familiar

Book:  Open your intuition, know that you are being guided

Guidance:  Trust there's a divine plan

Major Events this Week:  This will be another rough week


One of the things that I know for sure is that the more I clean out my environment and my head, the more I will be guided.  The gods don't like clutter and messages get lost when there is too much stuff around and when there is too much stuff in my head.  The past few weeks have been brutal as I've worked to get school work and work done.  I feel like I have lived my life behind the eight ball.  However, I'm starting to clean out my head and get things in order.  And I know that I also need to focus on cleaning out my house and organizing.  I think my first step in the bedroom is to throw everything into the closet.  I know that I will eventually have to organize it, but having it out of site will help me feel more balanced.  I will work on that tonight.

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