Friday, May 8, 2020

Daily Draw: Eight of Earth & Faraway Places

"Let your work be an embodied prayer."
Latisha Guthrie, The Herbcrafter's Tarot

The Eight of Earth is Turmeric and this is a card of hard work and buckling down.  I needed this reminder because a lot of the work I'm doing right now is foundational and it isn't really fun or exciting.  In some ways it is the exact same work I've done lots of times before and so for me at least it feels a little boring and as if I could do it in my sleep, but it is still important and it needs to be done.  This card is a reminder that everything we do can be sacred and it is they way we approach work and not the work itself that makes it sacred.  Right now we are viewing sanitation workers, grocery store clerks, and others as critical and some of those jobs might have been considered throw away jobs six months ago.  This is a reminder that everything we do can and should be viewed as sacred.   My job is all about empowering people and helping them do the  best they can.   It is a way of being of service to others and the reality is that any time we can be of service to others we are adding value and doing sacred work.  I love the line that says "Let your work be an embodied prayer."  I need to start really focusing every morning and asking that I bring my sacredness to work.

Eight of Earth is not only about doing the work and viewing it as sacred, it is also about teaching others and that is the part of my job that I always love.  I love that aspect of my job, empowering people and helping them to learn something new so that they have a skill that they can take with them and use in other ways.  I love this aspect of life and I think that's why I love blogging because it is a way of taking what I've learned and hopefully sharing it and empowering others.

The oracle card I pulled for the day was Faraway Places which is going on a journey of sorts and being willing to explore the wild and wooly places both internal and external.  This card is a very interesting juxtaposition with the Eight of Earth as that card is about buckling down and doing the work and this card is about change.  The meaning I get from these two cards is that doing the familiar work can lead to change as I apply my skills and talents in new ways.  Even though it may seem that I have learned all I need to learn, this will allow me to go deeper and explore new and different ways of being and learning.

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