Saturday, February 5, 2022

Week of 02/06/2022 Oracle Card: Finding Sanctuary

Deck:  Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards

First Impressions:   Safe space, above the fray, silence, peace

Book:  Rest, rejuvenate, and find your spiritual source.  Find your inner sanctuary.  Be a safe haven for others

Guidance:  Step off the path and find a sanctuary to rest and renew

Major Events this Week:  Cam has a job interview tomorrow


This card is such a good reminder for me to take a pause and to go within and make time for myself.  I let myself get all swirly trying to take care of other people's things and trying to be all things to all places.  This card tells me to take a pause and to make sure I am right with myself.  Tarot really is my sacred and safe space and when I make time to read the cards and connect with myself on a regular basis, I am in such a better place.  I remember when I used to take a couple of hours on Saturday to tarot and to really reflect on who I am.  I haven't made time to tarot since I went back to school and I miss it.  I realize that I am nurturing my intellectual side at the expense of my spiritual side and that's not working for me.  I need to find better balance.

I also know that when I am nurturing my spiritual side and taking care of me, I can be a safe haven for others.  However, when I feel run down and out of sorts I am more likely to be cranky and snap at other people.

Weekly Recap 02/13

I needed this reminder this week to just take things slow and to take care of myself.  It was a week of body blows as first Clark attacked Wendy and I ended up having to take her to the vet.  That was so traumatic because we first thought it was just her ear, but he had also bitten her leg and she ended up getting cellulitis, the same thing I got when he bit me.  She ended up limping and not being able to walk on her leg, but we got her to the doctor on time and the antibiotics are working and she is her usual sassy self.  The worst moment of the whole week was when Seano took her to the vet and she looked at me with these big hurting eyes and my heart broke.  I would have gone with them, but you can only have one person at the vet and I can't lift her so he had to go.  

And on Friday, I woke up to a toilet that had been overflowing for a couple of hours and created a flood upstairs and downstairs.  Thankfully, Clam was off work so she was able to get the downstairs cleaned up and dried out.  It was a pain in the ass, but all's well that ends well.  I also signed the contract for the window so we'll be getting that replaced in a few months.

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