Sunday, February 20, 2022

Week of February 20, 2022: Solitude

 Deck:  Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards

First Impressions:   Solitude, rest and recuperation

Affirmation;  In silence, peace prevails

Book:  In silence, you'll find self-awareness and inner peace,,

Guidance:  Slow down and make time for yourself

Major Events this Week:  Nothing major planned this week, it will just be same old same old.


Interesting to pull this card along with the four of swords as my daily card.  The message I'm getting is to slow down and take care of myself.  I don't need to be going 100 miles a minute every second of the day.  It is also interesting to get these cards as I have been taking time to contemplate slow and realizing that life is so much better when I do move slowly and take time to heal.  The one good thing the pandemic has brought is more time at home and more solitude.  I know that I am less likely to go out just to go out and I've really cut down on the shopping to shop.  It feels i have pulled back my energy to what really matters.

Sleep has also been calling me and I know that as my body heals from emotional trauma, sleep is regenerating as it lets my body heal.  The other aspect of this card that appeals to me is that she is gazing into a pound or bowl of water.  That suggest dreaming and receiving messages.

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