Monday, February 7, 2022

Creativity Booster: The Bear in My Bed

 I am super excited because I just got the Radiant Tarot and it includes creative activities for each card.  I've been looking for ways to boost my creativity and this is a pretty easy way to do it.  My plan is to pull a card each week and do and share the creative exercise as well as reflections.

Creative practice:  Write a poem about what my wild spirit animal would say if she was observing me.

I came home and found a great black bear slumbering on  my bed
As I tiptoed out of the room as not to disturb her
She sleepily opened one eye
And shared her observations

I have been watching you, she said
You pay too much attention to what other people say
You are too polite and deferential, there are times to be wild and live your life
You are too nice in your nurturing
Be direct, be firm, be honest

I listened as she talked
I wanted to protest and say that being polite and deferential was the civilized thing to do
I started to speak
She lifted an eyebrow
I shut my mouth

I am not done, she said
You know your intellectual strength
But you have not accepted your creative spirit
You do not recognize your ability to lead
You must accept yourself
To use these talents
You may speak, she said

I frowned as I recognized the truth in what she said
How do I accept myself and use my talents?
I was taught to belittle myself
I was taught to see myself as second best

Ah, she said
Let go of others opinions
All that matters is what you think
Love yourself, accept yourself, be true to yourself
I am always with you
I will guide you
All you have to do is ask

I started to thank her
Then realized she was sleeping once again


This was interesting and oh so true.  I also enjoyed the prompt.  I'm looking forward to continuing to work with this deck.

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