Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Deliberate Draw: Sibyl of Pentacles

First Impressions: Goddess of plenty, grounded, transformation

Book:  Loves her body, the earth, and life itself, understanding the cyclical nature of fertility, a caretaker, confidence

Guidance:  Self trust is the most important quality, find your earthy qualities


I love the reminder to find earthy qualities within myself.  I am happiest when I am being true to myself and not getting caught up in things that aren't real and honest and true.  The physical world is so important, but we often neglect it as we chase after stuff that doesn't matter.  I know that I've been being much more critical about the stuff I acquire lately.  I've learned that so much of the stuff we acquire is just junk or becomes junk.  That's an interesting lesson because we live in such a consumerist society where we are constantly told that the more stuff we have the better life will be, but I am coming to realize that that is not true.  More stuff is just more stuff.  And the truth of the matter is that no one is going to want all that crap when you die, it will just end up at goodwill.

I'm working at taking a good long look at all the stuff that I own and making decisions about what stays and what goes.  I know that I need a certain amount of stuff in my life, but I don't need all the stuff I have.  I think about people in my family who have storage containers full of crap that they never use.  Not only have they spent a ton of money on stuff that doesn't matter, they're also paying money to store all this stuff. 

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