Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dark Goddess Calleach Spread

Note:  This spread came from Ellen Lorenzi Prince who is the creator of the Dark Goddess Tarot.  All images in this reading are from the Dark Goddess Tarot and are copyright Ellen Lorenzi Prince.

Dearest Cailleach, Goddess of Winter, Creator of Mountains,

I ask you to give me the gift of site, to see the bigger picture, and not get mired down in the details.  I ask that you help me to see where I am being led and how to use my talents to better the lives of those around me.  I ask that you help me see and manifest my destiny.


Tell Me of Resources--Ace of Earth (Gaia)
The DGT always comes up with the perfect answer and Gaia tells me that I need to honor the resources that I have and not squander them.  The resources I am gifted with our my intelligence, the opportunity to go to school, my creativity, and the job that funds my opportunities.  I sometimes get frustrated about work, but it is a resource that it has and I am also paid a lot of money to do something that challenges me and teaches me a lot.  I sometimes take work for granted or dismiss it, but it is a resource and it is important that I honor it and value it.  Gaia also tells me that I need to connect with nature on a regular basis, which means taking time to sit in the sun, to connect with my rocks and to generally make time to just be with the world around me and let all of my senses take in the wisdom of the earth.  I always like to think that my brain is my only source of knowledge, but that isn't true, my heart and connection to nature is also a way to connect with the greater world around me.

Tell Me of Progress--Five of Air (Harianago)
Hariango is not a Goddess that I have worked with, but interestingly enough the Five of Swords is a card that caught my eye and called to me in another deck and served as a reminder to let go of my need to compete with my ex husband.  Hariango is telling me that I need to trust my instincts around people and not believe everything that I am told.  If I believe everything that I am told, I risk setting back my own efforts.  I also need to focus on my path forward and not focus on revenge or playing petty games.  This is amazingly good advice because I sometimes get focused on things that I should have let go of.  The image that I am getting is of running a race and instead of looking straight ahead, I am focused on the runner who is five steps behind me and this means I end up tripping over my own feet.  If I keep my eyes straight ahead and focus on my prize instead of competing with someone else, I will win my own race and be the best me that I can be.

Tell me of Endurance--Sovereignty (The Morrigan)
The Morrigan is reminding me that I am my own Queen.  I do not need to get my power from anyone else and that by being my own queen and maintaining my own Sovereignty, I will move power.   There is also a teasingly interesting note in this reading that says, "Do not ignore an opportunity for your power to grow and your power to solidify."  That is telling me that what I want to do is right and true and that I am the person to do it.  I need to take all of these lessons that I am learning from so many other people and move forward with them to create my own destiny.  I should not rely on others for my destiny, but should create it myself.

This was an incredible reading that reminded me to marshal my

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