Sunday, June 23, 2019

Deliberate Draw; Seeker of Pentacles

First Impressions:  Seeking knowledge, finding your way, awareness

Book:  Worker bee, wanting security, working slowly and steadily toward it, sacred approach to work

Guidance:  Cultivate trustworthiness


For some reason this card reminded me of Cam.  Maybe it was the green and the horses, but this card made me think of her and how hard she works toward her goals.  She has had so many setbacks in her life, but she continues to get up and push forward.  I am so amazingly proud of her and cannot believe she's been in my life for 27 years.  I remember so well the day she was born in the hospital on Okinawa.  I had a C-section and when she was born all the nurses commented on her eyes and how blue they were.  Even though life with John was hard, I would not trade my two kids for the world.

Since today is Cam's birthday, she is on my mind and I am thinking about all the trips we've taken over the past 27 years and how she has bolstered me and been there for me when life has been tough.  I always used to look askance at people who said their mother was their best friend, but in a lot of ways she is my best friend because she is a really good listener and she tries hard to help people when she can.  She is also very smart and dedicated and works hard for what she wants. 

She is also very much her grandfather's granddaughter in her love of animals.  She loves all creatures great and small and I love how excited she gets about seeing the groundhog that lives in the ravine.  She squees when she sees him and she is so cute about it.  Then there is her love for Clark.  He really saved her in ways that no one else can and I am so glad that we have that little black dog in our lives.  He is so "sassy" as Cam puts it and he has more confidence than I have every seen in a dog.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  I love you.

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