Sunday, May 3, 2020

Daily Draw: Hija of Earth and Impasse

Hija of Earth from the Herbcrafter's Tarot and Impasse from the Sacred Traveler's Oracle are another pair of cards that are perfectly in synch.  Hija tells me to maintain my boundaries while Impasse tells me that sometimes I need to redirect.  I'm reading these cards as a reminder to not only keep my own boundaries, but also to respect others and that sometimes I do need to stop and redirect.  I'm someone who loves to be in charge and loves to drive forward, no matter what the cost.  However, these cards are showing me that that is not always the best way to live.  Sometimes we need to stop, reevaluate, and redirect.  These cards are especially meaningful to me today because I'm giving up something I've worked hard for to go in a different direction.  I was finally given the director's title in February and I'm walking away to spend more time with my family and to have more work life balance.  For me that's the right choice, even though my ego isn't liking it too much.

Hija is also telling me that I need to let go of my need for perfection and to just accept that sometimes good enough is all that is needed.  That's not a lesson I like, but it is the one that I need.

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