Thursday, May 7, 2020

Daily Draw: Ace of Air & Fellow Travelers

The Ace of Air seems to be a follow on card to the last two days as first there was the Two of Air which told me to let go of worn-out beliefs and I read that to mean some beliefs I had gotten from my grandmother about needing to be with someone, yesterday brought the  Adelita of Fire which was about defending the grandmother's beliefs, and today brings the Ace of Air which is about discernment.  Pretty interesting as I read these three cards together as let go of what doesn't serve me, keep and defend what does, and be discerning about those choices. 

The Ace of Air, Yarrow, has other important messages for me as well.  The first is to set my feelings aside and follow the truth.  That's always a hard message for me as when I'm in a dark place, my feelings automatically go to "I suck."  I've been in that place a lot this week as I've started a new job this week and while my boss is telling me that I'm doing what I need to do, but my brain is telling me that I suck.  A big part of it is that the expectations at this job are different than my old job and work that I'm doing now would have been "nonbillable" at my old job so I am not seeing the value in it.  A big part of this is a lesson for me to reset my expectations and to realize that things I do do add value.  I also have been feeling horrible this week as I'm battling a huge sinus infection so that may have something to do with my negative mood.  However, this is a really good reminder to keep myself positive.

The other lesson from the Ace of Air is to "know your wounds, identify your medicine."  This is a reminder to me that sometimes I need to be gentle with myself and other times I need tough love.  My default mode is beating myself up and this card is telling me that that's not always the right medicine.  Sometimes I need to be kind and loving and other times I need a little tough love. 

Fellow Travelers is a great card as it reminds me that I need to open up and let other people in.  I tend to think that I can do it all myself, but that's not the case and I need a reminder that it is okay to ask for help and it's okay to accept help.  This is also a reminder about kindness and about the fact that we need to be kind and help others when we can.

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