Saturday, January 15, 2022

Mercury Retrograde: 2022

 Mercury retrograde, for anyone who doesn't know, is the time when Mercury appears to go backwards.  It is also a time when life seems to be full of petty annoyances and communication issues.  I can generally tell when Mercury Retrograde is afoot because communication stalls, life gets a little wonky, and anything that can go wrong will.  The first Mercury retrograde in 2022 will go from January 14th through February 3rd.  Shondaland has a great article about how this mercury retrograde will affect each sign, if you want to know more.

Since Mercury retrograde is complicated enough and brings enough confusion on its own, I decided that I wanted to do the simplest possible spread for guidance so I found a simple three card spread at Tarot Venue.

I chose a simple spread and the cards rewarded me with simple answers.  This was one of those readings where it's pretty simple to tell what the cards are saying even without going to the book, but I always like to delve a little deeper into my readings so I'll give you my first impressions, then a longer reading.

What should I review?
First Impressions are that I should review my emotional stability and emotional depth.  I need to make sure I take care of my emotional health and if I'm not, I need to take action.  Interestingly, the LWB indicates this is a card of happiness, love, intimacy, new emotions, and compassion.  It also indicates being open to subconscious feelings.  As I read the book meaning and combine it with my intuition, I'm getting the message that I need to have compassion and I need to be aware of what I'm feeling subconsciously.  

The message about compassion is interesting because I am feeling so much compassion fatigue right now.  I just want to get back to normal and be able to have a good life where we can travel, visit museums, etc, but the people who have refused to take the vaccine are putting a damper on this.  I am so angry with them that it is very hard to be compassionate when they get sick and/or die.  My attitude is that they brought it on themselves so why should I be compassionate?  I don't have an answer to that question, but I'm feeling that based on this reading it is something I should review and meditate on.

What should I repair?
First impressions are that I should repair my tools and make sure that things are in good working order.  However, this card is also telling me to make sure that I keep my intellect in good working order and that I continue to learn and grow.  Wow!  The key words for this card are new projects, truth, assertiveness, creative thinking, and clarity (which is my word of the month).  What is interesting about this is that I tend to think of clarity as intellect, but the readings I am doing about clarity are all connecting it to intuition and seeing clearly.  One of the messages I'm getting as I put my intuition and the book meaning together is that I need to start trusting my intuition more and make more time to meditate and reflect instead of being so left brained all the time.

What should I release?
The easy answer and the first one that comes to mind is that I should release conflict and, along with it, the need to always be right.  I hate to compromise and I hate to let go when I know that I am right.  This creates problems with team mates who may also have good ideas.  The key words for this card are rivalry, opponents, disagreement, competition, and clashing egos.  On that is so true as our team is a mass of egos and I think it is made worse by the fact that Glenn does not truly lead.  He expects us to work together to get to consensus, but consensus doesn't always work.  Sometimes a leader needs to step up and say this is the way it is going to be.

As I read through what I have read, I realize that competition only occurs if I choose to compete.  If I choose to step to one side, the person will crash to the floor.  The reality is that I do not need to compete with Y.  I am on solid ground and know my stuff, there is no reason to get upset about her pathetic attempts to undercut me.  All I need to do is continue being my best and not worry about her.

This was an incredibly insightful reading.  It is amazing how much information can come out in just a few cards.

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