Sunday, August 14, 2022

Weekly Card Week of 08/14: Valiant Courage

Deck: Sacred Traveler

First impressions: This card is beautiful, but it seems more about accomplishments than about courage.  It reminds me very much of the six of wands.

Book: Be bold, take opportunities, speak up for yourself, go beyond self imposed boundaries

Guidance:  Take Action with Passion


This is a good reminder that the spoils go to the bold.  You don't get anywhere by sitting back and waiting for people to hand you stuff.  You get the rewards by going after them.  I think this is why guys often get the better jobs.  They go after then when they know they can do them, even if they don't have proof.  However, women often wait until they have a proven history of doing things.

The problem is that I'm boldly going after shit I don't want.  I only want to stay at the bird to get vested and I only want the other job to escape the hell that is Nestle.  However, I need to take a step back and say that waiting to get the money I'm vested in does matter.  That is a very valid reason for staying and if I can work it so I can stay, that's valid.  It's also valid to want to take a job so I don't have to feel as if I have lost my credibility.  Both of those are valid feelings.  I just need to continue to gather information so that I can make a decision that is best for me.

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