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May End of the Month Reading: Wonder

  To help my personal growth, I've decided that not only will I have a card of the year, I will also choose a word each month to study and reflect on.  I'll be reading books and articles on my word of the month as well as figuring out activities that will help me incorporate that word into my life.  My word of the month for May is:


At the beginning and end of each month, I will also do a reading.  The beginning of the month reading will be about what lessons I can learn from the card and the end of month reading will be about what I did learn.  

End of the Month Reading

Deck:  Sacred Rose Tarot

Wonder personified is the Grand Canyon.  It is a place we hear about, but until you see it with your own eyes, you cannot begin to understand what it is.  Standing there I felt so tiny as if my life meant nothing at all and I felt such a sense of wonder. This wonder happens when you see something that is bigger than any one human being.  It is a sense of being awestruck and surprised and delighted all at once.  Unfortunately, it is not a feeling usually associated with everyday life because I am living the proverbial life of quiet desperation and I don't know how to get to a life of wonder.

What does wonder mean for me right now?

Wonder is fleeting as it can come in a heartbeat and then immediately fade away.  Some wonder, such as a trip to the Grand Canyon can be planned, but other instances of wonder just show up.  There is the quiet wonder of seeing the deer in the backyard or Cam's beloved Groundie.  Even though we see them often, there is still something magical about seeing that fat furry little creature running faster than one could imagine to the ravine.  It fills me with wonder every time I see it.

There is also the wonder of every day.  Of waking up each morning and knowing that I have a beautiful house, that I have enough to eat, and that I am okay.  All too often, I take that for granted, but sometimes I sit back and look in wonder at how far I have come.   

The other thing that strikes me as I look at this card is that wonder cannot be held onto, it has to be released into the world.  If we try to hold on to wonder, it will become ordinary instead of extraordinary.

What did I learn about wonder?

The Ace of cups shows how an ordinary object, a cup, can be extraordinary.  We can choose to bring wonder into our every day lives by eating with beautiful utensils, drinking out of goblets, and making life magical.  We don't have to go to the big and grand places to have wonder in our lives.  We can choose to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary to create wonder.

This is something I'm going to look at this weekend to see how I can bring the extraordinary into my ordinary life.  One of the big ways is to clean the house so that my house becomes a place of wonder.  I know that there is wonder in sitting at a clean table with flowers on the table and eating as a family.

I also know that the last few years it has been hard to feel wonder because of the overwhelming trauma that we all feel.

What do I need to do to continue bringing Wonder into my life?

I need to continue to look at the world as a place of wonder and I need to continue to find things to be passionate about.  Work is work, but there are things that I am passionate about and things that excite me.  I need to pursue and work for those things in my life.  If I let go of my wonder and my passion, I will become ordinary and life will become mundane.  The difference between living a life of quiet desperation and living a life of wonder is being open to finding the wonder.  It is pursuing the things that bring joy.

I'm also realizing that living a life of wonder is also about being curious and being open to finding the wonder.  It is being who I truly am and not hiding my goofy and playful side because it isn't appropriate.  It is being my whole self and being fierce in being my whole self.  It is not letting anyone (especially the Evil M) make me feel like I am less than.

What benefits has  Wonder brought into my life?

The Emperor is a really weird card to pull here as the Emperor is about rules and boundaries which seem to be the anthesis of the magick, joy, and spontaneity of wonder.  However, the Emperor is also about enforcing boundaries and being in control of my own life.  As I look at Wonder from a position of being able to be my own self and live my life on my own terms, it makes sense that the Emperor would come up as he is reinforcing the idea that in order to fully experience Wonder, I need to live life on my own terms.  

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