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May Word of the Month Wonder: Beginning of the Month reading

 To help my personal growth, I've decided that not only will I have a card of the year, I will also choose a word each month to study and reflect on.  I'll be reading books and articles on my word of the month as well as figuring out activities that will help me incorporate that word into my life.  My word of the month for April is:


At the beginning and end of each month, I will also do a reading.  The beginning of the month reading will be about what lessons I can learn from the card and the end of month reading will be about what I did learn.  

Beginning of the Month Reading

Deck:  Sacred Rose Tarot

Wonder personified is the Grand Canyon.  It is a place we hear about, but until you see it with your own eyes, you cannot begin to understand what it is.  Standing there I felt so tiny as if my life meant nothing at all and I felt such a sense of wonder. This wonder happens when you see something that is bigger than any one human being.  It is a sense of being awestruck and surprised and delighted all at once.  Unfortunately, it is not a feeling usually associated with everyday life because I am living the proverbial life of quiet desperation and I don't know how to get to a life of wonder.

What does wonder mean for me right now?

Wonder for me right now means taking a pause, refreshing myself, and looking around at where I am.  The last two years have been hell.  The world has been locked down, I've been afraid to go out for fear of catching the death virus, and my plans to meet people and make friends have been squashed.  Instead we've mostly been quarantined and stuck inside.  When people started to come outside last year, this horrible virus struck again.  I think things are getting back to normal, but there are still pockets of the virus and people are getting sick.

Wonder is like coming out of a dark cave after the apocalypse or out of cellar after a tornado and seeing that the world is still here.  it is broken and bruised, but the sun is still in the sky and the moon looks over the world at night.  This card is a reminder to turn my mind's eye to the wonder of all that is good and right in the world instead of all the negative.  It is also a reminder that things look better after a rest.  This card is about taking care of myself and getting what I need so that I can go back to the fight.  And part of what I need is the ability to look at the world in wonder.

What do I need to learn about wonder?

The seven of swords for me has always been about taking back what is mine and the reading for this card alludes to that.  It is about choosing to take the courage that is offered and about trusting the universe.  These seem to be odd lessons about wonder, but the meaning is that wonder comes when we make decisions to move past our own inertia.  It takes courage to venture out into the outdoors after a tornado or the apocalypse.  it takes courage to put one foot in front of the other and move toward wonder.  It is so much easier to sit inside and feel sorry for myself than to actually get out and look around the world.

I'm working on being open to the wonder of the every day.  The wonder of hearing the birds in the morning, the wonder of feeling the breeze through the window, and the wonder of magick.  I've realized that all wonder is not the Grand Canyon.  There is wonder in my back yard in hearing the birds and seeing the deer.  I took myself and the dogs on a walk this morning and it was joyous to see the green grass, to see the birds, and to realize that life really is good.

What do I need to do to bring Wonder into my life?

The Five of Pentacles tells me that I need to be open to receive.  When I get so stuck in my defenses and not being willing to ask for help or to receive the good stuff, I miss it.  This is an interesting reading on the five of pentacles as the book says that the person who takes the gold and not the flower is destined for a life of misery.  This tells me to always choose wonder and joy and not just stuff.  I have to be honest and say that I struggle with this because without money, life is pretty desolate.  However, I have to go back to the bible verse that everyone always misquotes.  People commonly say that money is the root of all evil, however the true saying is that the love of money is the root of all evil.  There is nothing in the bible that says you have to live in poverty.  However, you cannot make money your sole reason for living.

I need to find a way to have balance in my life.  I actually thought I had more balance when I was a consultant as I traveled four days and had time alone, then was home on the weekends and had time with the kids.  I don't have any idea how to get back to that kind of balance.  I think the answer is to turn it over and to see what happens.

What benefits will I have bringing Wonder into my life?

The four of wands tells me that it will bring childlike wonder and the ability to see beauty and celebration all around me.  The four of wands is a card of prosperity and enjoying the fruits of one's labors.  It is a card of weddings, celebrations, and all the good stuff that life has to offer.  By consciously looking for the wonder in the world and being open to it, my life will become a life of emotional richness and celebration.  

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