Sunday, March 27, 2022

Creative Challenge: The Empress- Synesthesia

This card challenges us to develop synesthesia which occurs when our senses become integrated.  For instance, we might listen to music and not only hear it, but also see it.  We may smell a rose and think about what it sounds like.

This card is interesting to me because when I first started to develop my meditation skills, one of the first things that happened is that I would see music.  It was interesting as different types of music had different colors and movements.  The classics always seemed heavier and were darker colors and pop music was light and fun.  As I've been easing back into meditation, I've been working to re-develop this skill and to expand beyond seeing music.

I've been looking at the snow from the window and asking what does it smell like and the sense I get is of something cold and crisp.  I can't exactly identify it, but it tingles my nose and feels like a mint.  Maybe a peppermintish smell. 

One of the challenges with syntheshesia is that it feels that somethings are already programmed to fit together.  For instance, when I think about what the color orange looks like, my brain conjures the scent of scent of citrus fruit and when I look at something lavender, my brain conjures the flower.

I will continue working with this skill and see what develops.

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