Saturday, February 12, 2022

February 13, 2022: Stepping Into Power

Deck:  Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards

First Impressions:   Taking the lead and getting things done

Affirmation;  You are strong beyond measure

Book:  It is time to stand you for yourself and take back your own power.  No longer stand on the sidelines or acquiese to others..  Reclaim your power and let others live their lives.

Guidance:  You no longer have to live your life for others

Major Events this Week:  Nothing major planned this week, it will just be same old same old.


WOW!  This card shows me that the universe is in alignment and the work that I am doing is paying off.  The line about no longer living my life for others sent cold chills down my spine as it was such a powerful reminder that all the healing work that I am doing is paying off.  Pulling this card on the day that I did work around my mother's trauma is incredible.  She raised me to live my life for others so to get the message today that I shouldn't live my life for others is amazing.  Trauma work is so hard, but it so healing and when there are messages like this that show me what I am doing is having an effect, it is magical.

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