Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Creativity Booster: Playing the Fool

The Fool card from the Radiant Tarot asks me to be the fool for the day.  This was hard for me to even contemplate as it's been so long since I was silly and foolish and it almost seems I have forgotten how.  However, the kids took off for a monsters game and this prompt's been playing in the back of my mind since I pulled it--and immediately put it back--a few days ago.  So I decided that I would play the fool for the evening.

I'm cooking my favorite food--risotto--and instead of staidly standing their and stirring it, I turned up the volume on some rock and roll and stirred and rocked out.  I started with the boys (The Beatles, Aerosmith, etc.), but soon decided I wanted something more feminine so I tuned in to Ace of Cups and rocked out while I was cooking my favorite slow food.  It felt good to practice some probably bad dance moves and to dance around the kitchen like no one was watching...because they weren't.  I soon decided that I needed some beat to go with my dancing and pulled out a rattle and my homemade sistrum and I rocked out.  It feel so good and so liberating to just dance and not worry about how I looked.

I also felt so in my body.  I spend so much time living in my head that to actually feel in my body was a weird feeling.  I felt good and sexy and amazing.  The only downside to my dancing is that Wendy freaked out a little and ran into her cuddle cup to get away from her crazy mom.

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