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New Year's Reading: Tarot Awakenings

perfect end of year is one where I have time to read, reflect, and spend time in solitude thinking about the year that was and imagining the year that will be.  I also love to do tarot readings that both reflect on the past year and provide guidance for the year that will be.  I generally pull my cards from paper decks and not digital decks, but I like to use PowerPoint to create the images that go into my Blog Posts.  This spread came in an email from Tarot Awakenings, but I could not find it posted on the site.  I've provided the meanings of each position in my interpretation.  The one thing that is important to note is that after laying out the cards for the current year, you are to recut the deck.  However, I read it wrong and ended up reshuffling the deck.  As I don't believe in accidents, I used the cards I pulled.

I chose to use the Tarot of the Divine as that is the new deck that I got for my birthday and I love the images.  They are all taken from fairy tales and the deck creator, Yoshi Yoshitani, also offers a book called Beneath the Moon that gives more details on eahc of the fairy tales.

1.  Major theme from last year
The magician is the Fairy Godmother in this deck and she is all about self-confidence and resourcefulness.  When I reflect on last year, I can see where that is true as I am finally coming into my own and I am self-confident about my abilities.  My boss says I have presence and that I can walk into a room and command attention.  For the longest time, I think I faked that self-confidence, but I finally own it and I know that I can achieve what I set my mind to.  From a work perspective, this was so true as I accomplished a lot at work.  On the personal front, I am self-confident, but I'm still trying to gain clarity into what I want to be when I grow up.  

2.  Primary challenge I encountered last year
Ah, the eight of swords is all about deciding whether to stay caged by my own limitations and victimhood or choosing to step out and into the light.  This card is also about feeling trapped and that was a challenge the entire world faced last year.  I know I definately felt trapped and while some of it was my own inertia, a lot of it was that the world was constantly changing and you never knew if it was safe to go outside. When I reflect on this card, I don't think I felt trapped by my own limitations as much as the uncertainty in the world.

3.  Something important I achieved last year
The Queen of Coins, Gunwinggu, is an interesting card to pull as something I achieved as this card is about being a healer, practicality, and movement.  As I reflect on this, I think it is talking about my decision to joint Open Table and to help someone change their life.  Open Table is an organization that has a group of people mentor someone to create a bridge out of poverty.  What I've found in this group is that I am actually really good at coaching people and providing suggestions that are meaningful.  This also fits in with the card I chose for the year, the Elder of Fire from the Gaian Spirit Deck.  I'm realizing that I am being called to be a healer and to help people who are grief stricken.  I'm not ready to talk a lot more about it yet as I need to do some reflectiona nd figure out how I am going to do this.

4.  Something I let go of last year
On the surface, it seems odd that I would be letting go of the Ace of Coins, which is all about new business, abundance, and security.  However, I think what this card is telling me is that I let go of thinking that a job will provide me with abundance and security.  I have to believe in myself and knwo that there are many ways to get to abundance and security.  This is one of the things I will be exploring this year as I look for clarity into what my future looks like.

5.  An important lesson I learned last year
Justice has so many important lessons to teach us and I just did an in-depth post about Justice a few days ago so I'll just some it up here.  Justice is about boundaries and making sure I know what mine are and approprately enforcing them.  Justice is also about knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.  These are lessons I'm learning and although being comfortable in my own skin doesn't always come easy, I'm getting there.

6.  Major theme for the coming year
The two of coins as Rhipsunt tells me that I will need to continue to multitask this year and that I will need to continue to prioritize.  For me, this card also tells me not to get lost in work.  My job can be all consuming and it is easy to let personal things slide.  I need to do a good job of setting boundaries and logging off when the work day is over.  I also need to continue to push for support.  The other thing that I need to do is to accept that I can't do it all and make my life and needs a priority.  No one is going to put anything about work on my tombstone so I need to make me and what is important to me the priority and not work.

7.  Primary challenge I face in the coming year
The Wheel of Fortune tells me that the challenges I face this year will be outside of my control.  However, the lesson for me is to not get too caught up in trying to control things that I cannot.  This year will be about reciting the serenity prayer and about continung to let go of that which I can't do anything about.  

8.  A strength that will support me this year
Princess Parizade as the Page of Swords tells me that curiosity will be a strength this year and it will help me to figure out how to navigate this year.  This tells me that school is the right path for me and I need to be open minded.

9.  A hidden talent I'm ready to develop this year
This is an interesting card for a hidden talent as The Rainbow Crow as the eight of wands is about speed and travel.  However, when I look deeper into the myth of the Rainbow Crow, I realize the story is about bring warmth and helping others.  Maybe the talent I am to develop this year is to bring warmth to those who are grieving and cold.  This is something I will continue to reflect on.

10.  Something I can look forward to this year
I love this as my card to look forward to as the Three of Coins in this deck represents the story of Bhanjhakri and Bhanjhakrini who are fierce shamans who steal children and teach them to be shamans.  This card is about education and learning so it is exciting.  I' also wondering if there will be an opportunity to learn shamanism as well.

Overall, my reading for 2021 was on track and I recognized a lot of truths.  It will be intereesting to read and reflect on the 2022 reading as the year unfolds.

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