Sunday, January 9, 2022

January 2022 Word of the Month--Clarity: Beginning of the Month

To help my personal growth, I've decided that not only will I have a card of the year, I will also choose a word each month to study and reflect on.  I'll be reading books and articles on my word of the month as well as figuring out activities that will help me incorporate that word into my life.  My word of the month for January is:


At the beginning and end of each month, I will also do a reading.  The beginning of the month reading will be about what lessons I can learn from the card and the end of month reading will be about what I did learn.  As this is my first go round, I expect that things will change a little bit as I learn and grow in this practice.

Beginning of the Month Reading

Deck:  Tarot of the Divine

What does clarity mean for me right now?
I pulled the Queen of Cups who is my patron Yemaya.  This seems an odd card for me to draw for Clarity as Clarity is defined as being clear and lucide, but the Queen of Cups is about intuition and about things that are a little mysterious.  As I write this, Yemaya is screaming in my ear that clarity for me right now means trusting my intuition and knowing that my guides will provide guidance.  It is not about reading or trusting the internet, it is about trusting myself to have the clarity as to what I need to do in my life.

There is a scary sense of anticipation as I read this as I get the feeling I am about to embark on a wild ride that will end up with me right where I need to be in a way that I never expected.  I'm also being told that I need to accept that I will have clarity about my end point, but I may not have clarity about each step and that that is okay.

What do I need to learn about clarity?
John Henry as the seven of wands tells me that I need to select my next move carefully.  There will be multiple stakes to drive into the ground, but I need to ask for guidance so I select the next one.  This card is about endurance and perseverance and fighting for my beliefs.  John Henry tells me that there are going to be many things that I want to do or could do, but that I need to be crystal clear about what to do.  And that that is not necessarily reading a bunch of books on the subject.

John Henry is telling me that I need to look for the things that are right for me.  There may be multiple stakes, but they are not all right for me in my life.  

What do I need to do to bring clarity into my life?
Interesting as Scheherazade as the High Priestess is also telling me to follow my intuition and to form my own conclusions.  She is telling me that my right clarity may not be the right clarity for someone else.  Another lesson from the High Priestess is that clarity is not always a straight line.  On the surface, clarity is an intellectual word and would seem to be all about logic, but there is another component and that is intuition.  

Intuition is especially important when we find ourselves in new situations where there is no book to tell us the answer.  We have to be willing to trust our instincts and to do what we know is right, even if on the surface it may not seem like the right answer.

What benefits will I have bringing clarity into my life?
Yennenga as Page of Wands tells me that clarity will help me bring clarity into my accomplishments and will help me feel a sense of confidence.  It is very hard to be confident when you don't see how hard you work and what you bring to the world.  She says it will also help me figure out what matters in my life and why.  Bringing clarity will also solve the dichotomy of knowing that I need to earn a certain amount but that I hate my job because it is not about giving back and it is all about serving "the man."

January 15, 2022 Revisit

As part of my journey this month, I selected a couple of books about clarity to read.  However, what I'm realizing is that for me clarity needs to come from my intuition and not from books.  One of the books I'm reading has a process for getting in touch with emotions that is very similar to the BEAR process that I came up with several years:  

  • Breathe and be present with the emotion
  • Embrace my feelings
  • Analyze to determine what I'm really feeling
  • Release emotions as appropriate
My guides are telling me that clarity will come from the inside and not the outside.  However, they are also telling me that there is value in clearing the clutter at all levels of my life.  Work, home, etc.  I'm going to work on cleaning the house and getting rid of clutter.  I'm also going to do some work about clearing the clutter around my emotions about work.  I think I need to figure out why Y is truly bothering me.  Sounds like I need to do a reading around that :)

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