Saturday, January 29, 2022

Golden Gate State Park: What Is the message of this place?


Setting:  One of my favorite places on the planet is a small grove of trees behind the Queen Wilhelmina Windmill and tulip garden in Golden Gate State Park.  There is a magical vibe in this small grove and it looks like it may have been a homestead at one point in time.   Golden Gate Park is a liminal place in the sense that it is close to the beach and it is a small pocket of greenery within a huge city.  Whenever I get to San Francisco, I try to visit this spot to see the magick and see what lesson the park has for me.

Time/Weather:  It was about 10 am when I did my reading and the weather was beautiful.  It was about 40 degrees, but felt warmer.

The Hermit tells me that it is right and appropriate for me to take some "time out of time" for introspection and meditation.  Just like this beautiful grove is a liminal place, meditation time is also liminal as I am in this world, but am also in the realm beyond this world.  The only way to enter that other realm is through being present in the moment and releasing the burdens of the world.  As I reflect on this card, I think about my journeys to Mammoth Cave and how I can always tell how I am feeling about myself because when I am feeling good about myself the cave is filled with golden light, but when I am not feeling good about myself, it is dark.

The Empress reminds me that the world is a place of abundance and that I need to nurture and care for myself.  Guadalupe tells me that she is always there for me and that I can bring my troubles to her and she will hold me and support me.  She can also make miracles happen and I need to let go of any fear or discontent I may feel.

Pulling the Five of Wands jolted me out of the good vibes I was getting from this reading and I actually pulled two additional cards because this card made me feel uneasy. This card is about fighting and competition and as I was reflecting on this card, the message came to me that the natural world is not as peaceful as we would like to think.  We talk about the circle of life and how natural it is, but the circle of life only feels good if you're the one doing the eating and not the one being eaten.  Nature can be a bad ass with harsh winters, competition for food, starvation, and all the rest.  We are in competition with the rest of nature and while we are apex predators, that does not mean we cannot be taken down.  Mama herself is a little pissed at us as we're seeing with the wild fires, earthquakes, and all the rest.  I don't know how this will all pan out, but I need to remember that competition is natural.

La Llorona as the Five of Cups is a reminder that revenge comes with a cost and it can lead to guilt and regret. This is an interesting card as while I have never wanted to take out revenge on innocents, there have been times when I have been so consumed with regret that I have lost site of how much my desire to hurt someone else was hurting me.  I realize now that a lot of the reason that I was lost in my desire for revenge was because revenge was a way to not be the victim.  If I could hurt someone as badly as they hurt me, I would no longer be weak.  

The Knight of Coins wrapped up the reading with a reminder to continue to be diligent and strong and put one foot in front of the other.  Good things come through persistence.

This was an interesting, if disjointed reading.  I will continue to reflect on it to see if there is a unifying theme.


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