Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mind Mapping the Magician

The Magician is one of those cards that I've had an interesting relationship with since I started learning Tarot ten years ago.  Initially, I didn't like the Magician because I found him cocky, arrogant, and a little flashy compared to the quiet grace of the High Priestess.  My initial instincts were that the Magician made it all about him and that he thought he could command the powers of the gods.  However, the more I've read and learned, I've realized that the Magician is not cocky, but rather confident and that there is a significant difference between the two.  He knows he has skills, but he also realizes that his true power comes from the Gods.  He serves as a channel for the gods and a true magician understands that.

I've come to learn that the Magician is someone who comes into a situation, realizes that there is a crisis, and works to manifest a solution to the situation by channeling the energy of the gods.  He serves as a conduit because he can take the raw power of creation and manifest what needs to be manifested.  The Magician takes the raw elements that the fool carries with him and is able to use those elements to manifest and create:

  • He uses the power of the sword to find clarity and to cut through bullshit.
  • He uses the power of the earth to manifest material goods and as a reminder to stay humble and grounded.
  • He uses the power of water to stay emotionally balanced
  • he uses the power of fire to propel himself and others forward
A true magician understands that his/her power is not their own and that they are merely a conduit for the power of the gods.

What is really interesting to me is that my understanding of the power of the Magician has evolved as my understanding of magic has evolved.  When I first became a pagan, I thought that it was all about me and my power and to a certain extent I treated the gods as a cosmic vending machine.  I had some success, but I also got kicked in the ass a few times when I manifested something I wasn't ready to manifest.  I've since learned that I can ask for and attempt to manifest things over and over and over, but the gods really have the final say and they can say yes or they can say no.

I have also realized that when I maintain and value my connection to the gods and I work to honor them, I have much more clarity into what I should be manifesting and I am more likely to receive good messages than when I am all caught up in myself and my own arrogance.

However, even though I've learned and grown, my first instinct when I see the Magician is still to think of John Travolta.

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