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Tarot Blog Hop: The Gift

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The theme for our solstice Blog Hope is Gift and I chose to use it as a catalyst for the gift I plan to give myself in 2020 and that is the gift of healing.  I "choose" or am given a word every year and this year the word that has been coming to me repeatedly is HEAL.  Our world needs healing, I need healing, and everyone I know needs to heal something.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of us are resistant to healing because accepting that we need to heal means accepting that there is something sick or broken about ourselves.  We put up barriers and obstacles to accepting healing and we stay broken.

Letting down our guard is difficult, especially in this climate of ugliness and hate, and it can feel like since the whole world needs healing we need to "stay strong" and keep up our barriers to avoid getting hurt more.  However, I've decided that I am going to embrace my brokenness and open myself to healing this year.

Each letter also sparked thoughts of additional healing words so I created Word Art with those words embedded.  For my tarot draw, I pulled a card for each letter of the word HEAL and one last card to sum it all up.  For this reading, I'll be using the Light Seer's Tarot.

H=How can I find HOPE?
The Six of Pentacles tells me that I find hope when I open myself  up to the generosity of the universe and when I know that love is flowing all around me.  I find hope when I realize that I will always have enough and when I open my heart and my pocketbook to give, knowing that I have enough for me and enough to share.  This is a powerful message because in times of worry and despair, we often hold close to what we have because we are afraid that there won't be enough or that we won't have more.  I had a moment when my heart was broken open on Thursday night on my way to the San Francisco Airport.  I'd stopped at a Walgreen's to get a couple of things for my trip and there was a homeless lady sitting outside of the Walgreen's and she asked if I could help her out.  I gave my typical response that I had no cash because that makes my life easier.  However, while I was inside the store, something spoke to me and I purchased some food for her and gave her that and 10 dollars as it was all the cash I had.  Her  whole face lit up as she blessed me and gave me a box of cookies.  It was a powerful lesson in both giving and receiving.

E=How can I embrace all of life including happiness, grief, joy, and loss?
The Moon tells me to surrender to my intuition and let the feelings wash over me.  The more I struggle and try to fight the feelings or try to rationalize them, the more I will feel anguish.  I need to surrender and accept that my intuition knows exactly what I need to do.  When I surrender and when I struggle, I only cause myself more pain and fear.  I need to let all of the emotions wash over me without holding on too tightly or without putting up my shields.  When I fight them, I live a life of worry and sadness as it feels I am constantly holding something at bay.  However, when I surrender, my life is calmer and I no longer live a life of fear.

A=How can I accept myself and others as they are?
The Seven of Swords is an interesting card to draw here as it is traditionally about deception and betrayal.  However,  the card is also about being aware of self deception and about being mindful of the stories that we tell about ourselves and others.  Like a lot of us, I have a voice in my head that continually streams a message of bad stuff about my worth, my value, and my abilities.  This card is a reminder to not listen to the self-deception and to rise about if and to be honest about who I am.  It is a reminder to come from a place of truth and to remind myself that I do have value.  it is also a reminder to not always assume that others are out to get me.  Instead of always assuming people have the worst intentions, I need to use my intuition to determine there true intentions.

L=How can I love myself and others?
The Three of Wands tells me to be open to the opportunities that are out there and to watch for and be open to opportunities.  What I take away from this card is to be open to opportunities for love in my life and to be on the look out for them.  What I love about this card is that there are so many interesting elements in it and it is definitely not a one dimensional read.  The fact that she has gray hair tells me that she has wisdom and patience and she is not going to jump on the first opportunity that presents itself.  She is going to pay attention and to read the situation in order to make an informed choice.  She also understands that there are multiple opportunities available and she can choose to wait for the one that is right for her.

HEAL=How do I heal myself?

The four of cups is showing up as a reminder that instead of focusing on what I don't have or on all the BS going on in my life, I need to be present and to be here in the moment.  There are gifts to be had and the universe is continually presenting me with wonder and joy, but sometimes I am focuses on my sense of lack.  This is an interesting card for me because it is reiterating the message that I've been receiving for the last few months and that is about the need to be present and to be in the here and now.  I spend so much time bemoaning the things I don't have, that I miss what is right in front of my face.  I'm choosing not to live in a place of gratitude and gratitude is what will help me heal.

All in all, this was a pretty dead on reading as it is a reminder to be open to the wonder and beauty that is all around me and to be grateful.


  1. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous. I particularly enjoyed the story about Walgreens. What a gift you were given.

  2. This is beautiful. And word art! Overachiever!!! :) I also love that you made blog hop into blog hope.

    Sorry to be so slow in taking time to read this--but wow, it was worth the wait.

  3. Wow, what a very creative idea and how cleverly executed! I think for whatever hop you wrangle this year you can give us the assignment of choosing our own word and developing a spread from that word. I think that would be fun to do! And you got such good results. I think it would work for anyone. Great idea!

  4. What a creative way on how you did this spread! Thank you for sharing and sending you good vibes :)


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