Friday, June 21, 2019

Tarot Blog Hop: Seasons in the Sun

For this Tarot Blog Hop our fearless Wrangler Arwen said, "Timing is a big thing in divination. There are many thoughts around how to do it as well as opinions on whether or not to do timing. So this solstice, I am challenging you to tackle timing. " She gave us a couple of options for our blog and I chose Door Number 3 which was "Discuss what cards mean a particular time for you. Like ”Are Cups an autumnal suit or a spring suit?"

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
Terry Jack (Seasons in the Sun)

Ass I was contemplating this blog post, the lyrics to the Terry Jack song Seasons in the Sun kept running through my head so I knew that I was going to have to write about the Seasons of the Sun and which tarot cards corresponded to each season. My answer came when I chose to write about the Sibyl of Swords from the World Spirit Tarot and I realized that she personified winter. Once she had leaped out as winter, I shuffled through the deck to find the other Sibyls (Queens) and realized that each of them clearly personified a season for me.

Queen of Summer

The Sibyl of Wands has her face turned up toward the sun and her throne is decorated with sunflowers which means she is clearly the queen of summer.  According to the World Spirit Tarot Guidebook by Jessica Godino and Lauren O'Leary, the Sibyl of Wands is "Deeply loyal and protective of her loved ones, she radiates a warmth and consistency that can be relied upon."  The Queen of Summer is generous and wants those she loves to have the best.  She speaks to me of summer because summer is a time when we shed our winter armor and let our guard down, we play at the beach, and we truly make time for fun.  This is a lesson I needed to hear today because I'm often the person who keeps her shields up all year long and it is tiring to constantly keep people at arm's length.  I need to let my guard down and enjoy the warmth and playfulness of summer.

Queen of Fall

Surrounded by the fertility of the harvest, the Sibyl of Pentacles is the queen of the fall.  She is the
one that nurtures the earth and reminds us all to take care of the earth, ourselves, and one another.  Godino and O'Leary say, "The Sibyl of Pentacles loves her body, the earth, and life itself.  She moves in communion with the world around her, in harmony with nature's rhythm."  She takes pleasure in the ordinary and she understands the cycles of nature and that there is a time to be born and a time to die.  The lesson of the Sibyl of Pentacles is to listen to the music of our heart to find our own rhythm.  If we listen to our own rhythm and rest when we are tired and dance when we're energized, we will move through life smoothly and easily.  We stumble and fall when we get caught up in trying to dance to tunes that don't speak to our hearts.

Queen of Winter

The Sibyl of Swords surveys the icy landscape with her bird of prey by her side.  She has complete visibility and the raptors that fly with her are a reminder to get an eagle's eye view of situations and not let ourselves be buried by minutia.  Godino and O'Leary say she "flies in on the winds of change, her sword ready to cut away untruths."  She serves as a reminder that we grow through loss and pain and that we are stronger than we know.  Although she has chosen to isolate herself and user her sword to keep everyone at bay, the winter can be a cold and lonely place and if we choose to shut our hearts off to love and rely purely on logic, we might be cold and lonely as well.

Queen of Spring

The Sibyl of Cups is a warm and welcoming mermaid surrounded by the creatures of the sea.  She holds a shell in her lap and we are left to wonder what she sees as she scrys.  According to Godino and O'Leary, "She has unlimited nurturance to give and she offers her love unconditionally."  She loves without judging and if we can let go of our judgement of ourselves and others and let the Sibyl of Cups into our lives, we will be able to listen to our intuition and receive messages through dreams, songs, and other mediums.  She reminds us to open our hearts and to love unconditionally.  She is also a reminder that there is enough love to go around.

Overall, this was an interesting exercise as I got some very good insight into the seasons.


  1. I adore the World Spirit Tarot. My seasons differ but I can see where you are goin with this. :D

  2. I always like the World Spirit Tarot. Great insights to these cards!

  3. I love this. I hadn't thought about the suits or the queens as seasons, but these are exactly the matches between queens and seasons that I would choose. Thank you for this inspiration to think more about seasons and tarot!

  4. I'm not familiar with this deck and this was a wonderful introduction to it. Intuitively, that makes so much sense that the queens would really feel the most grounded in their corresponding suits. I have learned a different system from the Victorian Fairy Tarot, but this give me the idea that looking at the queens in a new deck could be a quick way to see how that particular deck relates to the seasons.


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