Monday, February 12, 2018

Shadow Work--Day 13: How does my shadow influence how I see other people?

How does my shadow influence how I see other people?

Not sure why the cards told me to draw four cards for this question

Warrior Three tells me I like to be distant from other people.  I either like to be the center of attention or I like to be on the sidelines.  I don't like to let people in.  I also like it when we are focused on an activity or something and not on each other.  This pretty much sums up who I am.  Everyone things I'm a very gregarious extrovert because I do well in work situations where we are interacting with a goal in mind.  We are working as a team to accomplish something and I do great in those situations.  It is interacting with people in more casual and relaxed settings that I struggle with.

Dancer Princess tells me that I see other people as being better able to relax and play than I am.  I see myself as consigned to a life of drudgery while everyone else gets to have fun.  That may just be a reflection of where I'm at right now as I'm sitting here working at 10 pm and my cohorts have all logged off.  I'm feeling a little resentful about that right now.

The High Priestess is another card that tells me I like to view people from a distance and set myself apart.  Sometimes I see them through a veil as if they aren't really existing on the same plane of existence that I'm on.

The Moon is the card that leaped out of the deck last and it reiterates the message above that I see people from a distance and almost as if through a veil.  The Moon tells me that I see their reflections and don't truly see them.  It is almost as if I don't see them as fully formed, but see them as existing only in relation to me.

These messages are really profound, but it is going to take me some time to reflect on them as they are incredibly deep.

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