Sunday, May 3, 2020

Mind Mapping The Fool

I'm embarking on a journey through the tarot using Rachel Pollack's The Shining Tribe Tarot and taking one card to study and meditate on as long as it takes.  I also happened upon a post by Tarot by Arwen about Mind Mapping the Tarot and it had me digging through my hard drive to find my mind mapping software.  What I'm realizing is that this is an amazing way to think about the Tarot as it lets me get all my thoughts down on paper and see where they take me.  

Some of the interesting insights I had as I was mind mapping the fool were that while I tend to think of the Fool as an impetuous jump off the cliff kind of guy, there was actually some foresight into his adventure as he took the time to pack a bag and to pack.  Another thing that struck me was that he and his dog were stepping into the danger together.  That's an interesting phrase I picked up from Patrick Lencioni and his work on leadership.  Although in his world it is not about physical danger, but more emotional danger, that was the phrase that jumped out at me as I thought about The Fool and his little dog stepping off the cliff and into the danger together.

The other thing that struck me as I was reading this was the sun and while the sun illuminates the Fool's path and keeps him sunny and warm, the sun also made me think if Icarus who in his hubris flew too close to the sun and melted his wings.

All in all, this was pretty interesting and I think I will continue working my way through the tarot with mind mapping.


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