Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shadow Work--Day 1

This work is part of the Shadow Work series from the International Tarot Foundation's Shadow Work Series.

What parts of my shadow manifest in my relationships?

Dreamer Ten tells me that I bring my depression and spilling my guts.  When I'm in a relationship I have a tendency to emotionally bleed all over the other person and spill my guts.  That's really true for me and it is something I've been working on as I've learned that being open and honest with another person doesn't mean holding them hostage and doesn't give me the right to spill everything and bring them down.  It is okay to gain support from others, but i can't drown them in my emotional ick.

Dancer Three tells me that I bring a sense of joy and happiness to relationships.  It isn't all drowning in my emotional soup, I also bring a sense of friendship.  This card tells me more than anything that I do want my significant other to be a friend as well as a lover.  Although on the surface, this sounds very positive, there is some emotional baggage here as when I was married I believed wholeheartedly that my spouse should be my best friend, but my ex didn't feel that way and it hurt.  To a certain extent, that leaves me afraid to open my heart up and be vulnerable.

Maker Queen tells me I have the ability to heal my shadow side.  I need to trust in my nurturing instinct and my ability to heal myself as well as others.

Overall, these were incredibly accurate and powerful cards.

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