Friday, December 15, 2017

Witch of Earth

Witch of Earth
Dark Goddess Tarot
First Impressions:  I initially thought this card was showing Inanna welcoming a lover in a cave, which would be Ereshkigal's domain.  However, she is welcoming a lover in a bower, drawing him with her loveliness.  Inanna always speaks to me of death and rebirth.

Book:  Make magic in your partnership with natural forces, storehouse where grain was stored awaiting transformation into grain, Inanna's body was one with the earth.

Guidance:  Learn your plant allies, express your creativity through baking, or other trans-formative actions, approach everyday tasks with a sense of service.


One of the things I have been working on is to approach life with a sense that we are all in this together.  I've also been working hard to foster kindness, especially with people in service positions.  I know people often look down on service workers and/or are nasty to them, but anyone doing an honest and hard job deserves to be appreciated.  It doesn't take any more effort to be kind to people than to be nasty and I feel so much better about myself when I am kind.

December 27, 2018

In some ways it feels weird to equate kindness with Inanna, because I always think of her and her sister together and she definitely was not kind to Ereshkigal.  She went down and invaded her home with her uppity attitude as if she was the queen of the underworld and had the right to treat people like crap.  In my mind she deserved to get her comeuppance as she was a bitch.

However, my personal feelings about the myths aside, when I think about the sign at the Ritz-Carlton, "Ladies and Gentleman taking care of Ladies and Gentleman."  That slogan put people on an equal footing and conveyed the message that everyone was worth of respect.  I try to approach life like that because I am no better or worse than anyone else, I'm just a person trying to get by.

I have to be honest and say that if anything, it took me a long time to get over the thought that I was worse than or less than other people.  I always thought that I deserved the scraps and that it was okay if people disrespected me.  I've put a lot of hard work into changing that impression of myself and most days, I feel good about myself.

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