Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Six of Fire

Six of Fire
Dark Goddess Tarot
First Impressions:  Epona seems to be the exalted one sitting side saddle on her horse above the other horses.  She also strikes me as lonely without any other humans for company.

Book:  Succeed on the strength of your alliances, the great mare is the source of fertility of the land, Epona provides for her people in death and life, Epona is also night mare who appears in dreams

Guidance:  Hang a horse shoe to bring blessings, make progress day by day on a task until it is done, let people help you, Know what prosperity means to you, enjoy your moment in the sun.


I really like the reminder on this card to know when enough is enough.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in having it all that I forget to be content with the simple things in life.  We are snowed in today and part of me wants to rush to have the driveway plowed, but there is another part of me that is content to just sit and watch the snow fall.  There is absolutely no where that we need to be today.  I can take some time and smudge the house and do some cleansing, but there is nothing that truly needs to be done today.

It makes me wonder how often I rush to do things just because instead of sitting and enjoying what is.  It is actually hard sitting here and watching the snow fall instead of rushing about.  The one thing that I should do is to go out and shove the walk for the mail man if he hasn't come yet.

I have been gifted with so much in life.  I have a beautiful home, I live in a safe neighborhood, I have food to eat, I have people in my life who love me.  It is amazing how when you really take time to count your blessings all the old shit doesn't seem as important.  I'm not quite at the point where I can wish my mother and John happy and wonderful lives, but I can wish that they find peace and find healing.

I'm realizing that having peace within ourselves is the most important thing in the world as when we have peace within ourselves we are not frantically searching for someone or something.  I wonder if every person on earth had peace within their soul if we would have peace on earth.  Is peace something we can teach?  Can we teach kids to find that place within themselves when they actually like and accept themselves or is that too much to ask?

January 3, 2018

It is amazing how actually taking the time to reflect on what I've written can improve my mood.  I've been in a crappy mood all day for some unknown reason.  I think it may be that our client is choosing to reduce hours and I'm a little freaked out about it.  My fears about not having a job and being laid off are rising up and overwhelming me today.  However, that is just Frankie Fear talking as in reality, nothing has changed since before the holidays.  I knew that the client wanted to reduce the hours, but seeing my hours on the project go to 5 a week is a little scary.  I know there are a couple of other things in the works, but right now I'm freaked.

Dearest Ones,

Please help me to say F* you to Frankie Fear.  Help me to realize that I will always be taken care of and that I am being guided.  Please help me to remember that I have always been taken care of and that my needs have always been met.

Blessings, Raine

Wow!  It is absolutely amazing how fast our guides work when we are open to guidance.  As I was writing this, I got a Facebook alert and there was a sponsored post for an article called "Nightmare Medicine:  How to Transform Fears into Power and Clarity."  Although the article specifically dealt with entering your nightmares (maybe chasing away Frankie Fear?) and confronting our fears, there were pointers and tips that I could use to vanquish my waking fears as well.

And if that wasn't enough to convince me that I am being taken care of, I logged into IHG to book my son a hotel as I get the member discounts and after I'd booked his hotel, I found I was eligible to get 25,000 points, which equates to one free night in a hotel, just for clicking a button.  I've been on the fence about going to the North Star Tarot Conference and the 25K points has pushed me toward taking a leap of faith and signing up.

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