Sunday, December 17, 2017

Siren of Water

Siren of Water
Dark Goddess Tarot
First Impressions:  These are actually second impressions, since I've pulled the Siren of Water recently 😍.  One of the things that is striking me as I look at this card a little deeper, is that Aphrodite looks very shapeless.  We tend to think of her as being a blond bombshell, but her toga completely obscures her curves.  For me, this card is about learning about emotions.

Book:  Love is a risk you must take, all that enchants the spirit and arouses the body and in doing so she opens her heart.

Guidance:  Look at yourself through the eyes of love and change what is possible.  Admit your desire.  Do or make something you love.


Aphrodite is not a goddess that I've ever been comfortable with as she seems so perfect and out of reach.  She's the cheerleader who gets all the boys while I'm the chunky nerd no one looks twice at.

Message from Aphrodite

I am not your rival.  I am you.  Embrace my gifts of beauty and sensuality.  Let go of the fear in your heart about not being pretty enough or sexy enough.  These are old messages.  You are beautiful, kind, loving, and have a beautiful heart.  I am not your rival, I can be your coach and friend if you can open up your heart and trust.

December 28, 2018

Wow!  As I read back over this, I have chills as this is an amazingly powerful message.  I know there are pretty girls that are mean girls, but maybe there are pretty girls who are pretty inside and out.  I always put up my defenses around pretty girls, but maybe I shouldn't.

One of the hardest lessons I'm learning right now is that beauty truly does come from the inside out.  I know that I struggle with that as looking in the mirror and not seeing a perfect size 6 makes me feel bad about myself.  It has been a struggle to start to look for the good in myself and to find my inner Aphrodite.  I do know that cutting off people who do not support me and encourage me has helped me tremendously.  I spent my entire childhood believing that the right way to show love was to discourage people and constantly give them unwanted advice.  It was about "correcting" people by telling them they smelled like an old fisherman while in the market, even though there wasn't anything I could do about it at the time.  It was about being passive aggressive and talking about me to others instead of being direct.  It was about "bringing me down a peg."

In reality, none of those things are love.  Those are simply acts of cruelty.  It doesn't matter if it was my mother who did them, they were acts of cruelty and abuse.  True love builds people up and doesn't tear them down.  The only good thing out of that entire experience, is that I've learned what love is and by not following the bitch's crappy example, I can show my kids true love by encouraging them and supporting them.

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